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David Garcia

Founder of Buckeye Pole Vault Academy

BPVA was founded by David Garcia in (2003?) in a warehouse in Lewis Center, OH. David retired in (2015?) and passed the academy on to his assistant, Austin Hicks, who moved the academy to its current location in Sunbury, OH, a former gymnastics facility.

It has given me great pleasure over the years, as the founder of the Buckeye Pole Vault Academy, to have had the privilege of working with so many talented athletes and coaches. As my retirement is approaching, I am, now, looking forward to it with great anticipation as a new chapter of my life unfolds.

I want to express my gratitude to all the athletes, coaches, parents and friends who supported the club over the years. I would like to personally thank Jim and Jeff McClurg for all their unselfish advice throughout the history of the club. I am very excited to be moving to California with my wife, Beverly, and my daughter, Heather.

The other good news is Austin Hicks will be taking over the operations of the club. He will redefine and take the club to a new level. I would encourage you to give all your support to Austin and to the club. I am, also, very proud that our club was recently given a Nonprofit Organization status.

I will miss all my good friends near and far. I will miss the club and all the good times we had. Now I am looking forward to discovering what new adventures await in California. Goodbye and farewell to all of my good friends.

I will be delighted to follow your progress and witness your future accomplishments and successful careers. I am wishing all my best to you.

-Coach David Garcia 

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